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Sip and Shuck

The Bend Vineyard and Melshell Oysters

9 Yellowsand Banks Rd, Dolphin Sands

11:00am - 12:30pm

Saturday, 9 September

A Sip and Shuck experience at Yellow Sandbanks Jetty DOLPHIN SANDS!
An intimate and truly indulgent Melshell oyster tasting session and The Bend Vineyard wine pairing for the obsessed and the just plain curious.
Hosted on the oyster barge by Howard Edgington (Edge) The Bend Vineyard and Cassie Melrose, Melshell Oyster Shack
An intimate oyster (12max) tasting session for the obsessed and the just plain curious, with Oyster Farmer Cassie Melrose. Her 20 years of exploring oyster growing on the East Coast will give participants an education in to the art of oyster tasting the intricate details of the shell, note the aroma, the texture and taste. Discovering the Merroir of Dolphin Sands as Cassie reveals some of Melshell Oyster Farms production secrets. You will leave this experience with a greater appreciation of how truly incredible these prehistoric molluscs are.
Howard Edgington (Edge) a farmer of grapes & fine merino sheep has hand crafted a flight of his wines which will further elevate this tasting experience.
Edge will guide you through this oyster wine flight and expand on the vineyards heritage and boutique wine viticulture. We will explore how a perfect oyster and wine pairing will transform the delicious into sublime. All whilst floating on the oyster barge tied to the jetty enjoying the ambience of the special Swan River oyster farm.

Bookings essential: Yes

Tickets: $75 pp

Phone: 0428 570 334

Email: admin@melshelloysters.com.au

Web: www.melshelloysters.com.au/

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